I had just turned 18 when I had my
abortion. I thought after graduating high
school, turning 18, and learning I was
pregnant, that abortion was my only
option. After all, that is what most of my
family and friends advised me to do. No
one, including me, knew the effects it
would have on me.
It was a scary feeling being pregnant at
this time in my life. I was on an emotional
roller coaster. I would cry day after day
because I wasn't sure what to do.
Still not sure what abortion to do, and
not knowing the horrible facts about
abortion, I found myself on the abortion
table in Atlanta, Georgia about one
month after my after my 18th birthday.
The main thing I remember is the nurse
holding my hand and telling me it would
be over soon, but that was a lie. My
abortion is never over. As years went by
I suffered horrible depression, anxiety
attacks, and nightmares. Every year in
August I would think about how old my
baby would be had I not chosen abortion.
Today I don't suffer from that pain
anymore because just a few years ago,
by the grace of God, I found myself
forgiven and set free from the shame,
guilt, and anguish from my abortion
experience. It was through an abortion
recovery Bible study at the pregnancy
center where I was volunteering.
As I look back, I only wish there had
been a pregnancy center there for me
with someone to share the truth about
abortion and all my options.
This is a poem I wrote from a baby
to his mother who may be thinking that
abortion is her only option. I only wish I could
have heard these words from my baby

Please Mommy Please

I've been here a little while
Inside my mommy's womb
God made this place just for me
To live and to grow
Not much longer now
Till His great world I'll see
As long as you don't let them take me
I know you'll really love me
Once you hold me in your arms
Just don't let them take me
Please Mommy Please --
Mommy, please make them
explain to you
All about what you are going to do
How I will be torn apart
As the years go by, you will be too
I know that you feel
That if you go through with this
Everything will be fine
But mommy I know in my heart
You'll never get me off your mind
And you'll never be at ease
So please don't let them take me
Please Mommy Please --
If you still decide to let them take me
The sadness I know will never end
You'll always wonder just
What I would have been
But mommy it's not too late yet
Can the one whose life you plan to take
Stop you from making the Worst Mistake
Please don't let them take me
Please Mommy Please
January 12, 2001
Tina worked for the
pregnancy center in
Jackson County for
two years and then
felt the calling on her
life to open one in her
home town where she
needed one when
she was 18.
Today Tina is the
director of the
Franklin Life Crisis
Pregnancy Center in
Carnesville, GA. Tina
says she is there to
help girls so they will
not have to go
through what she
went through. She is
able to give women
the facts about that
she was facts that
she has never told.
She has been and
continues to be silent
no more since 2000.
Tina and her
husband Darrell have
two children and live
in Nicholson, Georgia.
"The main thing I remember
is the nurse holding my hand
and telling me it would be over
soon, but that was a lie. My
abortion is never over."

 Tina Brock, Georgia
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