" Eleven years after
my first abortion I
was having my
Joyce Zounis
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"... it felt like a part
of me died that day
… I experienced a
type of shame I had
never known before."
Cynthia Carney
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" I have been so
depressed that I
prayed for death to
come and breathe
over me and end the
sadness in my
Kay Lyn Carlson
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"When the doctor
told me that I could
never have children
as a result of my
abortion, I was
Jackie Bullard (with  
adopted daughter)
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" The very second
the doctor was ripping
body, I felt my baby’s
soul leaving me … I
wanted to die right
then. "
Cindy Williamson
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"I didn’t realize why
I was so depressed ...
For years I was
silent about my
abortion ..."
Brandi Dudley
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"The main thing I
remember is the nurse
holding my hand and
telling me it would be
over soon, but that was
a lie. My abortion is
never over. "
Tina Brock
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“Healing from abortion is
long and
painful. Thirty years
have passed, and
now I think of the
grandchildren I will
be missing ...”
Molly White
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“Something inside of
my heart died that day
… It was 10 years
before I broke down
and sobbed, my heart
and mind heaving with
the shame of my choice”
Toni Cordell
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“There are no words to
express the deep dark
hole I found myself in
… Once I accepted
God's free gift of mercy
and grace, I offered my
life to His service.”
Kay Painter
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