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Abortion is a family issue        

           Abortion is devastating. It hurts the mothers who end the lives of their own unborn
    babies. It hurts the fathers of the babies. It destroys relationships and marriages. It
    hurts families and the culture, and it strikes at the very heart of our nation.
        In recent years, many courageous women are speaking openly about how their
    abortions have hurt them and impacted their lives and their families. Their stories are
    changing the way America views abortion. You can join them in standing for life and
    justice. Keep in mind that not every woman is ready, willing, able, or called to share
    her story in a public way.

Share your abortion story

          Women who have experienced the pain and grief of abortion often believe they are the
    only ones. Your abortion story can make a difference in the lives of others. Your story
    exposes the long-lasting and devastating effects of abortion and may prevent other women
    from making the same mistake.

Ways to share your story

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Roe v. Wade,
the Supreme
legalizing abortion
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Write your story, and we can condense it to one-page. This can
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devastation of abortion.
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Affidavit. An affidavit is a sworn statement that can be
introduced at legislative hearings, cited in legal briefs, and used
collectively for research. Only your initials will be used if you

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shows, etc., by writing letters to the editor to expression your
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