Do you know ...

What your child’s school is teaching? Offensive materials that conflict with your values and
beliefs? Condom demonstrations? Same-sex unions as marriage?

That your child can …
  • Leave school without your knowledge?
  • Get birth control confidentially?
  • Be referred for abortion without consent?
  • Have a judge approve her abortion without your knowledge or consent?

About Planned Parenthood’s teen website? This website states that lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and straight sexual orientations “are perfectly normal.” Kids are invited “behind the fig leaf” to
view explicit drawings of genitalia, an erection, and a “how-to” use a condom animated video.
Planned Parenthood also promotes It’s Perfectly Normal, a book for children as young as nine
with explicit cartoon-like drawings, e.g., a young boy masturbating, a couple engaged in sex, and
nude people of all ages, races, and sizes.

About the sex education-abortion connection?

What the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) wants your child
to know, beginning in kindergarten?
SIECUS Guidelines describes “specific information young people need to learn,” including the

Ages 5 to 8: Describes reproductive organs, intercourse, masturbation, homosexuality, different
kinds of families, living together unmarried, and HIV transmission.
Ages 9 to 12: …“wet dreams,” ejaculation, contraception, sexual orientation, bisexuality, and
STD transmission during vaginal, oral, or anal inter-course. States that “Masturbation is often the
first way a person experiences sexual pleasure,” and, “A legal abortion is very safe.”
Ages 12 to 15: Pleasure of sexual organs, contraception, size** and shape of penises, breasts,
and vulvas, condoms, dental dams (for oral sex), and transgender (e.g., “drag king,” “drag
queen,” “crossdresser,” “genderqueer,” “shapeshifter,” “bigendered”). **Planned Parenthood
has distributed 6” rulers to youth emblazoned with “Does Size Matter?”
Ages 15 to 18: “Most women need some clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.” Using “erotic
photographs, movies, art, literature, or the Internet to enhance … sexual fantasies when alone or
with a partner.” Sexual dysfunctions, emergency contraception, pregnancy options for same
gender couples, and kinds of abortions.

Learn about ...

Your right to view instructional materials. How to do a freedom of information request.

How Texas law protects your parental rights and how to exercise those rights. You have
a right to opt-out your child from objectionable materials.

How to protect your child. Topics can be introduced in any class. Use our “School Notification”
form to withhold your consent.

If you school is complying with the “abstinence education law.” True abstinence
education works; counterfeit abstinence education gives youth a harmful mixed message.
Your district’s School Health Advisory Commit-tee. Texas law requires every district to have one
and an approval process for sex ed materials.

How to file a complaint. Texas law requires every district to have a complaint procedure. Learn
how it works and about important deadlines.
About resources to help you.

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