My decisions to abort two of my children were not based on facts because I was not
given any. My decisions were not based on choices because I was not given any. My
decision to abort my first child was based on fear and lack of information. My decision
to abort my third child was based on pressure from the father and family members. I
tried to back out of the second abortion as soon as laminaria was inserted to dilate my
cervix. I told the abortionist that I did not want to go through with the abortion. He said
it was too late. He said removing the laminaria could damage my cervix. I now know
this was a lie.

The next day I told him I did not want to go through with it, and again he said it was too
late because I was already dilated. The doctor gave me no other options and never
attempted to provide help or resources for me to continue my pregnancy. Instead, he
performed an unwanted abortion as I lay there crying and begging him not to. I felt like
a “trapped” animal with nowhere to run.

For thirteen years, I emotionally ran from those memories. Denial, justification, and
suppression were the defense mechanisms which helped me to cope. Alcohol and
drugs were the means I used to numb the pain. Broken relationships, bonding issues
with my living children, low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts, guilt, and
anxiety were the results. I suffered physically as well. Cervical damage resulted in the
need to deliver my living children by C-section. I suffered a miscarriage; and ten years
ago I had to have a hysterectomy. Healing from abortion is long and painful.

Thirty years have passed and now I think of the grandchildren I will be missing
because two of my children were aborted. I never regretted being a mother; I will
always regret my abortions.

I once was “pro-choice” because I had to justify the decisions I made. For thirteen
years, I was a bitter and angry woman, running from the truth and lashing out at
anyone who opposed my views. Keeping up this facade took a toll on my
psychological and emotional wellbeing. When I did come face-to-face with the truth
that I had murdered my children, the recovery process was excruciatingly painful. It still
hurts me today. It hurts me every time I share it, but I must tell the truth. I must expose
the lies behind abortion. I must do this so that this horrible crime against women and
children will be stopped. America, you gave us a choice; now hear our voice, abortion
hurts women.
“Healing from
abortion is long and
painful. Thirty years
have passed, and
now I think of the
grandchildren I will be
missing because my two
children were aborted.”
Molly S. White is the
Founder and Co-Director
of Women for Life
International, Inc.
Molly is an international
speaker on abortion and its
negative impact on the
lives of women, men,
families, the church and
society. She is an
experienced, grass-roots
lobbyist on the state,
national and international
level. She not only testifies
on behalf of pro-life
legislation and policy, she
also provides opportunities
for others hurt by abortion
to use their testimonies.
Molly leads international
lobbying teams to the
United Nations Commission
on the Status of Women
Conference. During the
conference, she conducts
educational parallel events
and meets with UN Mission
Ambassadors and Head
Delegates to discuss the
harmful effects of abortion
and offer life affirming
Molly is the Legislative and
Texas Leader of Operation
Outcry (a project of  the
Justice Foundation). She
has served as co-host of
their television show,
of Abortio
n, aired
internationally on Sky
Angel Satellite and their
television documentary,
Beyond the Dark Valley.
White hosted her own radio
talk show, Redeemed for
Life, and has appeared on
many national and
international television and
radio programs.
Molly has a degree in
Psychology from the
University of Mary
Hardin-Baylor. She is
trained in many abortion
recovery programs
Molly is a member of Toast
Masters International.
Molly and her husband,
Ronald, are the parents of
three children and a
Molly White
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San Antonio, TX 78230 • 210-697-8202

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