Hurting  after an abortion
                      is not uncommon

                                                 You are not alone
                    There is help and healing

Have you experience any of the following after your

    Anger, fear, lost of hope
    Shame, guilt, deep regret
    Anxiety, isolation
    Sleep disorders, nightmares
    Depression, grief
    Inability to trust
    Broken relationships
    Reaction on due date or date of abortion
    Thoughts of suicide
    Promiscuity, multiple abortions
    Drug/alcohol abuse
    Destructive behavior
    Eating disorders
    Child abuse/neglect
    Difficulty being around children
    Difficulty bonding w/subsequent children
    Desire for a "replacement" baby
"  I thought I
was the only one
              Dawn Jackson
Toll-free  24-7


Your call can
be the first step
to healing

to help you
 The consequences of that
choice will forever affect me;
and every day of my life, I
regret that “choice.”

Read Dawn's story
Maybe you
didn't chose an
abortion ...

... but you can
choose to heal
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