Laura Hope Smith, Cape Cod, MA, September, 2007

Laura Hope Smith died at the hands of Rapin Osathanondh. The medical board
rescinded his medical license, finding that  sedated her without any means of
cardiac monitoring or  blood pressure cuff, no assistant who could administer
sedation and monitor her, and no assistant who could assist in resuscitating her.
The board also determined that he "failed to timely initiate a call to 911."

Media response: It was weeks before the local newspaper even reported Laura's
death, even though it did an extensive interview with Laura's mother, Eileen., just two
days after her Laura's death.

Charges, Plea, and Sentence: The abortionist plead guilty to involuntary
manslaughter and was sentenced to two years with only six months in jail. However,
he was released after three months.

Press Release:
Abortionist Killed:
National News
Abortionist Kills Woman: Ignored
HYANNIS, Mass -- Abortionist George Tiller's death brought an
outpouring of national media headlines and Congressional condolences
to his family by a resolution approved by the US House.      Laura Hope
Smith's death at the hands of an abortionist was and continues to be
ignored and her mother's effort to bring it to the attention of her senator
was stonewalled.
"Where was the press when my daughter Laura died at the hands of an
abortionist?" asks Eileen Smith, Laura's mother. A media search shows
mostly news reports from nonprofit organizations, religious news and
other alternative media.
Laura's death was mentioned 10 months later in one major publication,  
The Boston Globe, when the abortionist was indicted for manslaughter. It
was 6 weeks before her local paper, The Cape Cod Times, mentioned
Laura's death, although it sought out her mother for a two-hour interview
just 2 days after Laura's death. Smith says the local newspaper
rationalized delaying a report on Laura's death so it could corroborate it
with an autopsy report.
"Since when has news been postponed in lieu of reporting facts except in
the abortion deaths of the mothers?" asks Smith. "I have to believe that it
is only because the media's bias toward abortion determines what makes
news," she said.
"If Laura had died falling off a bike or in a car accident it would have been
in the paper the next day," she said. "My daughter walked into that
abortion facility healthy and she left dead," Smith said.
of Laura, following an investigation by local police and the Massachusetts
Board of Registration in Medicine. The District Attorney found the
abortionist's conduct to be "willful, wanton, and reckless" because he
sedated Laura with level three drugs without any means of cardiac
monitoring or blood pressure cuff; had no assistant who could administer
sedation, monitor the patient, or assist in resuscitating her; and, "failed to
timely initiate a call to 911." The board also alleged that the abortionist
made false statements.
"I call on the media to report deaths like Laura's," said Smith. "If Tiller's
death merits national news, so does a death at the hands of an
abortionist," she added.

Eileen Smith is available for interviews. Contact Valerie Mosher Pfeil,

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