Linda Schlueter

Anne Newman
Director, Policy
and Communications

Trinity Legal Center is a nonprofit, public-interest litigation
and legislation support center with a threefold purpose:

    To change the legal landscape through litigation to
    achieve a culture of life.   

    To assist legislatures by providing scientific research on
    women’s reproductive health issues.  

    To change public opinion concerning abortion through
    education and personal testimony.

In the courts

    Lawsuits and other legal efforts on behalf of women and
    minors injured by abortion.

In legislatures

    To inform and educate legislatures and organizations by
    providing legal advice and nonpartisan analysis, study,
    and research concerning women’s reproductive health
    issues and fetal development.  

In the public arena

    Inspire, motivate, and equip women through the
    Women’s Council on Abortion to support litigation and
    legislative goals; and, provide a network of information,
    resources, and opportunities for women who have
    experienced abortion to advance life and justice.
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