They cry not for Laura
                                                                     By Anne Newman

A Congressional resolution mourns a man’s death and offers condolences to the family. A
nonprofit organization honors his life’s work and seeks donations in memorial to this man who is
now being called a hero, even a martyr, by some. One of his colleagues compares him to Martin
Luther King. Vigils held across the nation are noted on a website with over 50 photographs.
Who is this “hero” whose death has attracted national headlines? Abortionist George Tiller,
whose life’s work ended the lives of 60,000 viable babies over three decades, a fact the
Congressional resolution fails to mention.
When Laura Hope Smith died in an abortion facility on September 13, 2007, the national media
did’t fawn all over the story; they did’t even report it. Laura’s death at the hands of an abortionist
was and continues to be ignored by the media, and her mother’s effort to bring it to the attention
of a congressman was stonewalled.
It was weeks before a local paper mentioned Laura’s tragic death, although her mother was
sought out for a two-hour interview just two days after her death. The newspaper rationalized
delaying a report until it could corroborate it with an autopsy report.
Laura’s mother, Eileen Smith, asks, “Since when has news been postponed in lieu of reporting
facts -- except in the abortion deaths of the mothers?” When, indeed
Laura’s mother believes the media’s bias toward abortion determines what makes news. San
Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Sanders hits that nail on the head:  “Stories that reinforce
journalists' political beliefs rate the front page or top of their newscasts; stories that do not are
not considered big news.”
Yet, after the abortion facility where Laura died closed, the local paper found it important to
report that women wanting abortions have fewer choices. The paper also found it worthy to
provides names and locations of area abortion facilities.
Laura’s tragic death finally became news, although secondarily, 10 months after her death in one
major city publication when it was mentioned in a Boston Globe report about the abortionist’s
indictment for manslaughter following an investigation which found his conduct to be “willful,
wanton, and reckless” and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine revoked his
license. Still no national news stories, much less headlines, even though it is rare for even the
most egregious cases of medical malpractice to land in criminal court according to a SJ law bog.
Eileen Smith is a grieving mother of a young woman who died tragically and senselessly at the
hands of an abortionist. As a grieving mother of a young man who gave his life for his country,
Cindy Sheena captured vast media attention simply because she opposed the war in which her
son died. But then, the media’s anti-President Bush views were aligned with Sheena’s grief and
anger over the war.
Smith believes Tiller’s death is another senseless killing in the history of abortion, adding to the
50 million untimely deaths of unborn babies. “His death is a tragedy, but so are all the lives taken
by him and the lives of women who have died as a result of an abortion,” she said.  Her daughter
walked into an abortion facility and left dead.
Those so moved by abortionist George Tiller’s recent death were not there to demand answers
surrounding Laura’s senseless death or mourn her short life. They mourn Tiller but not Laura.
They report on Tiller but not Laura.
Eileen Smith is the hero the public deserves to know about. She’s the one asking questions and
seeking justice for her daughter and working to help prevent other senseless abortion deaths.