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not their
destruction is the
first and only
legitimate object
of good
Thomas Jefferson
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President’s Message

Trinity Legal Center is thankful for your commitment and
dedication to help us fight for life in the United States
Supreme Court. As we come to the end of another successful
year, we ask for your continued prayer and financial support.  
Our work at the United States Supreme Court is making a
difference, but we could not do it without you.  

United States Supreme Court – we filed two important amicus
(friend of the court) briefs at the Court this year. In C
line v.
Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice
, we represented
women and families hurt by RU-486 and Concerned Women of
America (CWA). The powerful sworn affidavit testimony of the
women and families had a significant impact and triggered
national attention. In
Horne v. Isaacson, we represented seven
national medical associations and provided extensive
compelling medical evidence of the physical and psychological
harm of abortions after 20-weeks gestation.   

International Testimony – we provided the Argentina National
Congress a detailed statement along with affidavits from post-
abortive women and other documentation of how abortion
harms women.  We did an interview for the magazine “Familia
y Vida” (Family and Life) which prints 7,000 magazines each
month and is read by government officials, families, teachers,
lawyers, and priests in Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia.  The
powerful women’s stories on our website have also been used

Articles Supporting the Legal Work –
Ohio Northern Law
, one of the top 25% of law journals in the United States
will publish my extensive law journal article which analyzes
Roe v. Wade and the abortion cases and makes ten
recommendations to protect women and minors until
Roe is
overturned.  We hope this article will assist the prolife
community, legislators, and courts. A commentary on the
Cline case will be published in
JURIST, a national legal

Legal Projects to Protect Women and Minors – including Sex
Education and Abortion; Statutory Rape Project; Sex
Trafficking and Abortion; and collection of the detailed
Women’s Affidavits on the physical and psychological effects
of abortion.

Linda Schlueter
President and Attorney
and Links
the UnChoice?
Take the Challenge
We ended slavery once
Now we need to do it again
   It’s difficult to believe
           but it’s true …
Sex slavery in America
… American children are being
recruited from our neighborhoods
and sold on our streets!”
     – Shared Hope Report on Child
             Sexual Slavery in America
       See New Brochure

Study: Women more likely to die
after abortion, not childbirth
A new study of the medical records for
nearly half a million women in Denmark
reveals significantly higher maternal
death rates following abortion compared
to delivery.

Supreme Court denies
Oklahoma "Personhood" Case
Trinity Legal Center (TLC) filed an
amicus brief in in the Oklahoma
Personhood case at the U.S. Supreme
Court.. The brief addresses the issue of
when life begins. In 1973, the Court said
Roe v. Wade that it did not need to
resolve that difficult  issue.  Apparently
the Court still feels it doesn't need to
resolve the issue -- the Court refused to
hear the case, denying Oklahoma voters
an opportunity to vote on the definition of

"Whispers From The Womb"
written by Tina Brock, a woman who
deeply regrets her abortion. Tina is the
director of the Frankin Life Pregnancy
Resource Center in Carnesville, Georgia.
Get the book here

Remembering Sara - Read about
this ministry, founded by Kay Painter

Don't Blame Perry for WHP crisis
by Linda Schlueter, President, Trinity
Legal Center  
Must see!
Ronald Reagan's
moving speech on
FDA: Abortion drug
kills 14, injures 2200
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